my next bag..please help me choose...

  1. I'm in dilemma... I need to choose between these bags.. please help me out..

    1. White Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap
    2. Yellow Jumbo Lambskin flap with new chain
    3. White Modern Chain Tote


    Do you think I can still get the yellow jumbo at next EGC event which gonna be on March? I'm thinking about purchase this bag on March EGC... thanks ladiess..
  2. I think the white caviar flap is :love:. I think white is the most gorgeous color for a caviar flap...I'm just afraid of getting it dirty. It's also seasonless IMO and really pops against your clothes.
  3. I love the white jumbo.
  4. yellow or white jumbo!
  5. I'd go with the white jumbo. You can't go wrong with a classic. :tup:
  6. white jumbo! :love:
  7. Another vote for white jumbo..
  8. White Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap:love:
  9. White Jumbo!
  10. white jumbo!
  11. Me too, Me too! :tup:
  12. White Jambo, Hands down!
  13. White jumbo cavair
  14. I vote for the White Caviar Jumbo! I love this bag, even though I am not a big white bag fan. It is so elegant and sharp-looking.
  15. White jumbo!