My next bag - help me decide....

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which bag should be next?

  1. coach slim carly

  2. ysl med black muse

  3. LV black denim neo cabby

  4. RM MAM in yellow

  5. RM MAM in ruby

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. The new Coach discount card coming in put me in a quandry. I can't decide what I should get next. Interested in your opinions and let me know why you would go with the purse you picked.
    Here is the current wishlist:

    Coach slim carly in blue
    YSL black med muse
    LV black denim neo cabby mm
    RM MAM in yellow
    RM MAM in ruby
  2. The YSL is my favorite bag of your choices. Good luck with your decision!!! :smile:
  3. My answer, despite my love for RM, will always be MUSE!!!

    It's the most gorgeous bag :smile:
  4. I know what the RMs look like... Do you have pictures of the first 3 by chance?
  5. sure. gimme a mome...
  6. absolutly the muse!!!!!
  7. slim carly

    my old black muse :crybaby:

    LV neo cabby mm
  8. I love the Muse....And I soooo want one! I was in the YSL boutique in Vegas last September (?) and I was in hog heaven trying them all on. Unfortunately I couldnt afford one. But someday I will def. get one! They are so beautiful and very classy!

    I also like the one that's kinda like the muse but with the shoulder strap. I forget what it's called but it starts with a Y.
  9. The Muse! She's a beauty!
  10. the Yris? me too. cannot find one for the life of me.
  11. Oh my... The Muse! No question!! Gorgeous!! :tup:

  12. Another vote for the YSL muse here...can't go wrong with that.
  13. keep the poll going ladies. I really do need your help.
    stepping away for a bit....
  14. i really love the LV's such an eye catching shape and the black color keeps the monogram more it's like a subversive luxury bag. also, whenever i see women carrying this in NYC, they are very stylish it goes hand in hand. ;)
  15. I'd go with the's so classic!