My next accessory:SUGGESTIONS!?@!?

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  1. SO I JUST PURCHASED A SPEEDY MONO 30...YEAY! And I am wondering on what accessory to buy for it...Like a coin purse, or key holder maybe? The heart coin purse I love in the vernis, but GAHHH $450 :faint:??? Sheesh...Idk if I love it that much...

    I already have a credit card holder in mono, but it's missing a friend :sad:...

    What do you say:

    ~4 Key holder in mono
    ~Key and change holder
    ~I like the complice trunks and bags key holder,but only in the damier canvas,hehe...
    ~Your suggestion...

    Thanks all....I LOVE THIS SITE!

    -Em J
  2. congrats what about a bandeau? you can use it as a bow on your bag and also as a neck scarf to work etc!
  3. what about the patches in mono, or a vernis key and change one of the new colours......l would go onto lv put what you like in the basket, and see what you cant bear to take out he he that should do it x
  4. Perhaps a bag charm?
  5. I second the bandeau! You should get a colorful one :smile:
  6. I suggest a Cles or a Damier Coin Purse! :smile:
  7. Definitely a bandeau! So cute tied to a speedy.
  8. I would definitely get the key and change holder as my next item if I were you. They are GREAT! I just took all the chance out of mine the other day and had $10 worth in there haha. They hold A LOT! Definitely worth the $165... the Key Holder is great too.
  9. Try the bandeau you can wear it in your hair or on your bag and it looks really great!
  10. I would suggest the key & change holder or a bandeau. Congrats on your Speedy!
  11. Key and change holder. :smile:
  12. One of the new color cles for sure
  13. You can always do like a Juicy charm, or a bandeau if you wanted to save up for something else instead of a bag charm ! :yes:
  14. that will be a nice idea for go with your bag, also a bag charm
  15. I'd go for a key & change holder or a bandeau!

    Congrats on your Mono Speedy (the 30 is the perfect size IMO)!