My newly purchase in 2 months...

  1. I'm so in love with my newly bought black caviar jumbo, GST in black and perforated red classic flap that was bought last month....I'm so happy to have them!!:yahoo:
    照片 063.jpg 照片 109.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. Good choice. They are timeless. Congrats.
  4. What a nice start to your collection! I am sure there will be more to come! Enjoy!
  5. Thanks!:yes: they are timeless and I'm so sure that they will be with me forever!! hehe..
    my clutch in black patent is on the way to come to add into my collection...just cant wait!!
  6. Beautiful bags, good choice
  7. 2 great bags!!!!! I love the red color!!!!!
  8. Great choices!! :tup: I just exchanged my new chain black jumbo for the classic one! And OMG, is that an '05 red medium flap?! :nuts: :drool: :nuts: If so, where on earth did you find that?!
  9. Gorgeous bags!, what great choices!! I LOVE the red one - it's stunning!!
  10. Drooling over your bags...:drool:
  11. Congrats !!
    Two great choices
  12. I LOVE that red perforated one!! Did you get the GST with silver HW or gold? Great purchases!
  13. Wow...congrats!!! They're all gorgeous!!!!! :love: :love:

  14. The jumbo flaps are my all time favorite bags. That is a bad I'd have in a variety of colors... and that is something I rarely say.
  15. Gorgeous!
    LOVE your red bag!!