My newly arrived Chanel necklace and

  1. Now I can sit down to take pics of the Chanel necklace and bracelet I got. One for me and one for my sister. I use my daughter as model for the necklace.:wlae::jammin:
    bracelet.JPG necklace1.JPG necklace2.JPG
  2. cute! The first thing that loaded was the part of your daughters face and I first thought she was a doll!
  3. Beautiful pieces - they look so cute on your daughter!
  4. Lovely pieces, congrats!!!!
  5. oh, the necklace is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much is it if u don't mind me asking??
  6. pretty necklace!
  7. I love Chanel accessories. :smile:
  8. Necklace is 445.00 before tax.:yes:
  9. Ooh. I Like The Necklace.

    You're Daughter Is Such A Doll.
  10. Your daughter is the cutest little model. ;) Congrats on your new purchases!!
  11. Oh they are so cute!
    thanks for having your daughter model it - it looks really pretty on her also hehe :smile:
  12. they are so cute!! and love the pic with your daughter modelling, so adorable!
  13. Love the jewelry... and your daughter is precious!!
  14. Agreed!:yes: Fab necklace and bracelet! I just ordered the earrings! We could wear them together and make the set! :smile:
  15. Wow, you are one lucky lady! I love those!!!!! The necklace is just too beautiful, and teh bracelet, is sooo pretty! Your model looks soo pretty!