my newly accessorized Mono Bosphore GM bag!

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  1. Hi everybody, i recently bought this new digital camera and I wanted to share these pictures of my newly accessorized Monogram Bosphore GM bag... I never really started using this bag until I added these little accessories to the D clasp, I love the way it looks and it's very easy to find my keys and money in the damier cles.

  2. That's adorable...I think an LV with functional accessories are get the best of both worlds.
  3. That looks really good!
  4. Thank you guys... Now, I can start sharing my pictures properly with this kodak camera instead of using my LG Phone! HA HA

    I bought the Damier Cles with my Saksfirst Awards Giftcard, and the La Fortune de Louis Vuitton keychain at the Wymn Vegas.
  5. Very nice! I like it:tup:
  6. It looks great!
    I have my Jack and Lucie on my Bosphore GM.
  7. This bag is amazing, it holds so much inside.... I've never enjoyed it so much!
  8. Looks great!
  9. Love this bag! Congrats!
  10. i liek it:tup: