My newest watch which I don't know what to do with

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What to do, what to do?

  1. Keep it and try to wear it a tiny bit more often; in fact, just wear it, period

  2. Return it and get some new bling for your finger

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  1. I've been seeing this guy for about 3 weeks now, and on Tuesday he gave me a gift for my birthday/Christmas: a Movado watch :amazed:. It's a watch that I saw and pointed out to him in a jewelry store, and without my knowledge he went and bought it! I would never have bought it for myself because the watch costs $1165 :Push: (it has diamonds on the face), and even my Fendi and Burberry dress watches cost less than half of that.

    I do like the watch, but because of its price, and the fact that I only wear dress watches on special occasions (which aren't very often either), he said that he can return it if I want, and when we go to Pittsburgh, PA, tomorrow for Christmas weekend, he'll get me something else -- probably a ring, because he knows I wear rings all the time -- worth the same amount as the watch, which is over $1000 :wtf:.

    What should I do? One of my greatest weaknesses is jewelry -- especially rings :shame: -- so I'm tempted to let him return it and buy something potentially better. But I don't want to come off as ungrateful or greedy by saying that he can return it :s. Then again, he says he would be disappointed if I didn't wear it often, which I can't because I'm terrified of scratching or scuffing it.



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  2. Well, if you like the watch, why not wear it every day? We all have plenty of handbags that cost over $1,000 that we wear every day, right? I'm a strong supporter of investing in a good watch, since it's worn all the time and is very visible.

    Frankly, your Movado is lovely, but it doesn't look all that dressy to me. Many "every day" watches have diamonds on them these days. I have a Michele watch with diamonds all around the face that cost around the same amount as yours, and I have worn it every day for more than a year. (So the "CPW/cost per wear" is actually very low!) My watch has held up well, and I bet this Movado would too.

    I think you should give your new watch a try. But, if you honestly don't think that you'll wear it frequently, then I think you should return it.
  3. I think you should keep the watch. He kind of hinted to you that he would be disappointed if you exchanged it. It's a lovely watch and, like he said, he would like to see you wear it. :yes:
  4. Damn you get that after 3 weeks! I'd explain to him how you feel about it, and get something you would use more often. Just explain how you pointed it out just cause you liked it, not that you expected him to buy it. :smile:
  5. Wow! This guy sounds very generous.

    I agree with Cosmo, nothing wrong with wearing a nice watch every day. I've seen people who wear much flashier watches than those on a daily basis. I plan to once I finish saving up for mine.

    However, It sounds like you are apprehensive though about the watch. If you feel like you'd get more use out of something else, then I would return it. You don't want him to feel like he wasted money on something you never wear.
  6. hmmm... i might keep it after all. we already had it resized because it was way too big, and i do love it, so i'll try to wear it more often, i guess
  7. I think that the Movado watch is gorgeous. I don't think it looks too dressy to wear everyday. That was such a nice gift!
  8. That's a nice watch. I say keep it!
  9. It's a beautiful timepiece. I don't think it is too dressy for everyday. It was a very thoughtful gift. Enjoy!
  10. I definitely agree with everyone else - the watch is gorgeous and it's perfect for everyday.
  11. Beautiful piece, I don't think it's too dressy for everyday at all. I vote for keeping it too. =)