my newest tattoo!


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Nov 18, 2005
here is my 4th tattoo. healed a while ago, but i didn't have time to take pics of it. taking pictures of your hand with one hand is pretty damn hard. so the pic isn't that great. it reads "AIR". if anyone read the book Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, you might recognize it. I got it because i'm an Aquarius, my element is air. (i'm into horoscopes.) It's also pretty neat because it's an ambigram- meaning it reads the same if you turn my hand upside down or rightside up. My tattoo artist actually left out a tiny little detail, so i have to go back at some point to get it done.


this is josh, i don't mind going back to have it fixed because lookit him! isn't he hot? i love his look. preppy- with a button down but you can see his tattoo's creeping out of his collar and up his neck. he wears glasses! *giggles*


here is my tatto right after i got it done. it's pretty swollen. let me tell you the first 5 minutes hurt like a %^&*%^$^! but then after that, my wrist went numb. and the rest of the time i was fine. but the wrist really sucks (painwise).


here is the image from the book.



nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
That's too awesome ! When I first saw the pictures without actually reading the text, I was like "oh that's from A&D !!". I love the ambigrams, they're really interesting to look at. And speaking of interesting things to look at, the tattoo guy is a hottie mchothot (definitely!).

Congrats !!