My newest purchase!

  1. First I just have to say that this forum is just a bad influence on me and I signed up just a few days ago!! I just want to get all things Coach, even more than usual, because of all the gorgeous bags that everyone has been posting about on here.

    I stopped my the Coach outlet yesterday just randomly to see if they had something random that I would want. I had stopped by a few weeks ago but they didn't have anything at all that I wanted, that was disappointing!

    Anyway, I saw that they had the hobos with the snakeskin trim on them and I just needed it! They had a few white and just one black one so I snatched up the black hobo as soon as I saw it! I remember seeing this bag in the summer and I loved them until I saw the price. I think it retailed for about $800, meaning here in Hawaii it had actually been going for $928, so when I saw it for $200ish I just HAD to have it! I know some of you have said you don't like snakeskin but I am in love with this bag!


  2. Congrats - it's beautiful! I happen to be a fan of the exotic skins, so I really like it. Enjoy it (and yes, this forum can be a bad influence on you . . . but in a good way! LOL!).
  3. Congrats...I personally like snakeskin. Great deal too $928 to $200.00ish. Thanks for posting hopefully I will have some luck too when I go this weekend to my outlet.
  4. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. Congrats
  6. That's a great price for it. That was one pricey bag!
  7. Wow, pretty bag!
  8. awesome deal, hmm.. that has definantely got to be one of the most expensive Coach bags ever. Ive never ever heard of a Coach bag retailed for that much. hmmm. its soo cute though! and with an awesome deal like that, it would have been so hard to give up. CONGRATS!
  9. Nice looking bag... congrats!!!
  10. Love the bag! Congrats
  11. Pretty. I saw the bag in white at the outlet but I'm afraid I'd stain the canvas. The black is much better.
  12. Thanks everyone! I thought it was definitely a good deal. Now I have to decide where I want to go to use it for the first time. :graucho:

    disney4us- That's what I was thinking too and I bought the large Hamptons weekend hobo in white when it was out this year so I figured I already have a large sized white hobo that is definitely easier to clean than that cloth ever would be!
  13. I LOVE that bag!!! :yes: very nice!! You never know what you'll find at the Outlets,, :smile:
  14. Congrats! I love this bag it is soooo classy!!!
  15. So pretty and a great deal!! Congrats!