my newest purchase

  1. Bear with me, Im 16 so no CL or Manolos- yet hehe ;)

    almost $200 but I paid $55 as they were on sale at the little shoe store. Last pair.

    found a pic (below is link) hard to see but they have the python imprint- so cool lol

    Via Spiga 'quickly velvet python' in dark chocolate brown
  2. Cute! I love Via Spiga shoes and find them to be very comfortable and great quality. Congratulations on a great buy!
  3. post modeling pictures when you get them! they look so cute. congrats on your purchase.
  4. I too am a Via Spiga fan. Like evryone said be sure to post pics.
  5. oh they are in hand (hehe, just used that link to show them)

    no camera but I'll try. Im wearing them to an awards banquet for my equestrian sports so maybe I can get them to take a pic of the shoes, hehe