My Newest Purchase =]

  1. Last night, I went to the mall with some friends. My Mom had drove me, and before I met up with the girls, my Mom decided to go shoe shopping. I was really tired and really bored, so I decided to walk around, and there they were: the PERFECT dress sandals! I had been trying to find a good pair of dress sandals for my vacation in April, and I fell in love with these. There beautiful! I wanted a pair in black, but sadly they didnt have any in my size, so I settled for white. Tell me what you think :yes:.
  2. Very cute! I can't wait to break out my sandals! (it's slowly starting to get warmer here...was almost 60 yesterday!)

    And from the sign in the second pic, this was at DSW, right?
  3. Yes, it was. I love that place!
  4. Wow, those are really cute! I'm not a fan of the Coach sig shoes but those are beautiful. I'm heading to DSW today!
  5. congrats!
  6. Very cute!! I am hoping to acquire some Coach sandals for this year!! I need to ship-shape up my wardrobe!!! (New Lucky book will hopefully come on handy!! ;) )
  7. There beautiful! Congrats!!
  8. I love these!! I have them but they are a half size too small, so I don't wear them much. but they are lovely and go with everything!! congrats!
  9. Those are really cute! Love them!
  10. I got those in black like a month and a half ago at my DSW. They are very cute and I needed a pair of black flats.
  11. Very cute, congrats!
  12. Congrats! They look comfy.
  13. they do look very comfy and perfect for spring and summer! great buy.
  14. Congrats!
  15. Went by DSW today and saw them in white, black and brown if anyone needs a pair. They didn't look good on me so I didn't get them for myself but they were all really cute.