My newest purchase and collection

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  1. 0BAF1419-5ECF-4CFA-B589-E065833619CC.jpeg AA47B7E4-EF0B-4CC6-8FBF-BAE2E2BF6207.jpeg Hello, long time lurker- first time poster here and I’d like to share my most recent purchase with everyone. On a recent trip through Germany I picked up the monogram Pallas Beauty Case, in fact it was one of the last ones in Germany at the time. I hadn’t really shopped for a brand new LV for many years until I found myself at the boutique in Munich and this bag called my name. The Pallas Beauty Case is the perfect sized clutch for a man, and it conveniently fits everything I need to carry with me on a daily basis. I’ve also included a photo of my modest LV collection- I’m a huge fan of the Taiga leather collection and Epi leather as well.
  2. Looks like a great addition to your collection! Congrats and enjoy!!
  3. What a lovely addition to your collection. Enjoy. :smile:
  4. Welcome & great collection!
  5. Lovely collection!!
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  6. I’m obsessed with the Pallas beauty case. I LOVE mine it’s as soft as butter! Congrats and enjoy!!!
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  7. Thank you for the kind words everyone!
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  8. Lovely piece! Enjoy and take care!
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  9. Love your entire collection and your room is gorgeous too!
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  10. Thank you very much! Interior design is my main hobby!
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