My Newest Prada Love......

  1. OMFG...PRADA JEANS:nuts::tup::woohoo:.....Where have they been all my life?????
    They cut my as* in HALF......suck me in in all the right places:supacool:......and look amazing!

    U guessed it..Jill got her first pair of Prada jeans...ROFLMAO...I ADORE THEM!

    They are so HOT!I got a darker wash to take with me to Miami this weekend..I wore them today just cuz I HAD TO!!!!!LOL!
    Girls..RUN out and try these jeans on.....I went down 2 sizes it was AWESOME.Mine cost 280 and are worth every penny.BUY them tight too..cuz they DO stretch..Im calling in the AM and ordering another pair for backup..HEHE!!!!
    I know I havent been on alot here......Ill catch up with u all after my SOUTH BEACH weekend with Jillybean..Ill be leaving Thurs Night and back on WED,Oct 10th!!
    YES..I plan on shopping ha ha ha ha!!!!!:graucho:
  2. congrats, jill. enjoy your trip... and your new jeans!!
  3. May I ask, which style did you buy? Is there a name for the jeans? I'm seriously tempted~~~
  4. I hate you Jill!!! cut your ass in half, ha!!! Im so in!!
  5. I am going to look into these, I never even knew Prada made jeans! I have the hardest time finding the perfect jeans. Have fun on your trip!
  6. My butt needs to be cut in more than half..more the reason to buy several jeans right? LOL yeah what style? 280 sounds like a great price! Modelling pics please? Nothign to be shy about your half-bums right? :biggrin:
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Maybe it's an "american way to speak", but could you please explain me what do you mean by "cutting a*s in half?" Is it a value for a jeans?

  9. It means they make her bottom look half the size.
  10. Jill!!! You will need those jeans if it keeps raining the way it has been!
  11. Hahahaaaa...:lol::lol::lol:
    Thanks for clarifying Sarajane.
    My colleagues and I were wondering whether it was fashionable in US to have a pair of jeans undelining the "middle drill" of a botttom.....
    We just couldn't figure Jill wearing them!!!
  12. Jill, you have NOTHING that needs to be cut in half, much less your arse. And what on Earth do you need to "suck in" (besides a few martinis with Jillybean)? What are you, a size triple zero?

    Can you tell I'm just the slightest bit green? :roflmfao:
  13. Wow, Prada Jeans!! I didn't know they make 'jeans'! :drool:
    Modeling Pics Please~!!!! :nuts: And pics of your new shopping items also!!
  14. Oh yeah! I forgot to comment on that do NOT need to cut anything in half! I bet these jeans are just perfect on you!
  15. Congratulations.