My newest pair of CLs....Bruges!

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  1. Last weekend I wandered into Neimans and decided to try on Iowa Zeppas in sieze 35 just for the heck of it. Instead the SA came out with several boxes in size 34.5, one of which was the platform peeptoe lace-up oxford (I don't know what this is called), a pair of Simples and the Bruges The Bruges weren't displayed on the floor so I wasn't even aware that they still had that style. I love sailornep5's Bruges and was so suprised they had them in my size! I tried them on - they fit perfectly and were incredibly comfortable....I told him that I'd be back after lunch as I was running late. I kept thinking about the Bruges during lunch and decided that they were the shoe for me! :smile:


  2. [​IMG]


  3. They look great on you! Nice to see you get more and more pairs. I think the lace up peeptoe oxfords are the Sometimes.
  4. simply beautiful. maybe ill get these as my next pair.
  5. Lovely classics, Honu. They look comfy, too.
  6. I can't stop wearing these around the house.....I haven't worn them out yet because I'm waiting for my cobbler to get the red Italian Vibram soles in sometime soon...

    LavenderIce: Thanks for letting me know the lace up is called Sometimes! The one at Neimans was beige suede. I am slowly adding to my tiny collection but it's not nearly as fantastic as some of the ladies on PF!
  7. chic and classic. enjoy them!
  8. gorgeous on you
  9. Congrats - they look great on :tup:
  10. woooooww those are GOREGEOUSSSS!! they may just be my new obsession, they look so comfy! might I ask which NM you got these at and what is the heel height on these beauties?!
  11. They look great on you!
  12. Glad you were able to find a pair that fit and that you love!
  13. LOVE the Bruges! I remember the ones with cork heels...those were the ones that got me into CLs!

    P.S. I will reply your email soon, Honu!!
  14. gorgeous on you!
  15. Congrats!