My newest outlet purchase

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  1. I search 2 outlets in Vegas as well as 2 retail stores and they didnt have the poppy zippy wallet. Back to Canada and to the outlet and I found one.:yahoo::yahoo:
    retail was 98$ and I paid 50.63 with tax. :yahoo::yahoo:
    I was willing to drive to a store near me to buy one so this was a great find.

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  2. Love it! :smile:
  3. Congrats!! Super cute!!!
  4. cute and you got a great deal on it.
  5. here are few more pic's.. Sorry I just took them with my iphone.

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  6. Wallet twins, I love it too!

  7. Good buy, seems to hold a lot.

    Your phone takes good pictures too!
  8. #8 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    you have this wallet ? :nuts:I dont think I know that....
  9. Yep, picked up at outlet, will go well with my other Poppy goldie accessories :smile:
  10. ^^^^Sweet! When did you get yours? Did you get the same one or a difference color?
  11. Maybe a week, or two ago.. same color :smile:
  12. Love it.
  13. What a deal! I think I saw that one at my nearby FP store. So cute! I want one so I can match it with my Goldie keychain. :smile:
  14. very cute, awesome outlet find!
  15. thanks all.. I'm totally loving this wallet.