My Newest MARC JACOBS BLUE multipocket bag pics!!! review

  1. Ok gals this bag is AMAZING!!!!! I love it so much! I bought it off of eBay for only 200 bucks i talked the girl into putting up a buy it now for me. the blue is so beautiful! Its such an elegant bag. This bag is 100% authentic i took it into the Marc store on Melrose and they said so! yayaya i love it so much! The blue just kills me its so adorable!!! Thanks girls!
    marc 1.JPG marc 2.JPG marc 3.JPG
  2. ps the sweater i am wearing is by marc by marc jacobs!!!
  3. yup love the big buttons
  4. This bag is cute and you look amazing with her too! Congrat on the great buy, it is a steal to get her with that price! :p
  5. bag looks awesome on you!! what a great sweater too! congrats on the great authentic deal!!

    were the MJ boutique ppl nice to you when you asked them to authenticate it?? i've never done that, too scared... interested in knowing your experience and how you brought up the subject...
  6. It looks great on you! Congratulations!! :smile:
  7. You look sooo cute with that bag! Great choice!
  8. I love the sweater AND that bag is fabulous!! I LOVE blue!! Congrats, girl!!
  9. Congrats!! What a steal! She's gorgeous, wear her in good health!! :flowers:
  10. :heart: the blue!!! Awesome bag!!!
  11. yeah they were nice about it. i am sure they understand my concern haha thanks everyone!
  12. It's beautiful Amy! Congrats!
  13. beautiful color! congratulations!!
  14. What color is that? I love it! :love: Congrats on the great deal!
  15. Congrats! I'm not sure of the color, it's an older one because I remember she said it had riri swiss zipperheads... I don't think it's denim or blueberry.