my Newest MARC BY MARC JACOBS BAG!!!! Jennifer Love has it

  1. this is my NEWEST marc by marc jacobs bag purchase its ADORABLE!!!! i love it soooooo much! The inside I am OBSESSED WITH heheh and look Jennifer Love Hewitt wore it and right by my house at AMC theatres!!!!! so exciting!
    newest bag 2.JPG newest bag 3.JPG jennifer with my bag 2.jpg jennifer with my bag.jpg newest bag.JPG
  2. click on the last picture its the best one that shows the bag!
  3. Congrats on your purchase! That bag looks cute on you :flowers:
  4. congrats!! you are gorgeous! and the bag is darling!
  5. CONGRATZ!its cute;)
  6. Beautiful bag, you look so happy while wearing it. And let me guess.. was this theater Century City? ;)
  7. You are too cute with your bag!
  8. That really is a cute bag! I haven't noticed it anywhere...does it just look really different on than in the catalog photos? Did you snap those pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt yourself? So funny! I love the picture where you can see your doggie's nose. Congrats!
  9. so cute!! (both the bag and it's wearers!)
  10. Oooooh, it's a lovely bag. It looks great on you, waay better than on Jennifer :smile:
  11. I love this bag on you! You are so cute!!! Congrats!
  12. heheh thanks girls!!! so sweet of all of you! No i didnt snap those photos hehe i wish i did! but i have met Love Before shes a sweety. And i didnt get the bag from Century I am in Los Angeles is there a Century around here? thanks girls :smile:
  13. lovely bag! it looks so great on you!
  14. It's such a cute bag and it looks great on you! I love it when I see a celeb with my bags, even though that's not why I buy them, it's still cool!! CONGRATS on my new MJ!
  15. WTF is J.Love doing on my turf?!?! It looks like she was at the AMC Burbank in those shots. She is getting too close for comfort.

    That purse is way cuter on you than her. Its adorable!