my newest LV item.... i finally got one!!!!!

  1. ... and its not a Damier Speedy :P


  2. thats so hot! how much was it?!!! did you get it form the Melbourne boutique? is that any good, ive never been but i'm going to melbourne next year so ill check it out, i remeber walking past the shop in crown when it was closed is that he only one in Melbourne?
  3. I have seen this in the mag but can't figure out what the metal pendant is....looks like a tree branch or something. Could you tell us what it's supposed to be and how much? Cheers.

    I have also been looking closely at their accessories of late, I have the Geometrique V Pendant (Red) and would like to get my hands on the blue one.
  4. i think its the mens line from the womens version, isnt it suppossed to be a piece of coral?
  5. can you post a pic of you wearing it?

  6. i was told they're about Au$555. i totally missed-out here though. but i asked the parentals to look out for one while they're in Vienna. fortunately they did have one in stock :yahoo:

    we have 2 boutiques here. the one at the Casino is smaller. the bigger one is on Collins St (with the rest of 'em) and though they don't have RTW like Castlereagh, it's still pretty good. :yes:
  7. yep, it's supposed to be a coral branch.
  8. Good catch there. I'll try to look out for it at my store......
  9. Wow:cool: lucky you,very nice.Hehehee I just live 7km away from LV at Castleraegh st:graucho: Sydney.
  10. though i just live 4 blocks away from the Collins St LV here... Sydney is still better :yes: how about you drop by this weekend and report back what you see? :graucho:
  11. welcome Lee, it takes me 45 mins by train to get to castleraegh st, and as you know traveling by car depends on the traffic, it can be as little as 20 mins to 1 1/2. the castleraegh st Gucci store is having its half yearly sale (i heard from the gucci forum i dont know how true it is) starting this thursday, im going at around 1.30-2, im so lucky we have an excursion form school in darling harbour that day or else i would have gotten there around 4 on a normal school day!
    [EDIT:] and remember the sale store might not be at the normal gucci store! (somtimes it is sometimes it isnt) so if its not in the regular gucci store the sale store is right opposite it on castle rieght st, the lease a shop there for the sale, its really small but nice and at the christmass sales there was a 2 hours line to get in so be prepared to wait!
  12. as i just said im going in 2 days so im goign to check out lv as well anything in particular you would like me to ask about?

  13. oooh... anything new especially the limited/seasonal pieces. see if they have the matching wood & silver square rings too!
  14. sure, can you give me a name to ask or will that be suffecent for the SA?
  15. i don't think the rings have a name. look for Eric, tell him Javier's asked you to do a little reconnaissance. he'll know which stuff to show you :P