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  1. Thanks to a lovely PF'er I just got a Fleur de Porcelaine Bandeau in red.:yahoo: I LOVE it!! I had gone back to LV to get it after I saw it and the next week it was already gone!! But when I got home I found one on the MP and grabbed it. I put it on my damier speedy and it looks so cute! Just had to share!!!! :girlsigh:
    new2.JPG new1.JPG
  2. That looks awesome.. !!
  3. oh thats nice congrats :biggrin:
  4. Ooooh! Sooo pretty! I've wanted a Fleur de Porcelaine bandeau for sooo long! Yours is gorgeous! Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. Very pretty! Congrats!!
  6. It looks great congrats. Im thinking of getting one in blue. :smile:
  7. Congratulations!
  8. :wtf: :nuts: I was planning on doing the same that I see is really heavenly together!!!! Really nice!!!!!:yes:
  9. Congrats! Lovely!
  10. Very nice!!
  11. Oh, I love it, too! I'm trying to figure out something similar for my dami speedy. Yours looks great!
  12. Thanks everybody! I love my damier but this red just gave it that something "extra" to make it stand out!!!:love:
  13. That's a beautiful shade of red! Pretty patterns as well. Congratulations!
  14. Looks great, congrats!
  15. ohhh how nice I love it and I love red....congrats!
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