My newest lurrve :D

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  1. So ok finally pictures :smile:

    Last fall's bag that I managed to locate in ginza.. mm what was it called again? Can't remember.. Rock and chic? No idea :/

    I super love it!! and was just so thrilled to find it in tokyo!!

    It's been kinda scratched up already thoh :/ Now I understand what you guys mean by scratches but I like to think it gives the leather character.. (haha)

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  2. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, super loved the wrapping and ribbons!! and even the paper bag was different :smile:
  3. WOW! That color is truly TDF! Congrats!
  4. that color is so pretty! Congrats!
  5. ok, ignore my question from the previous post. congrats on finding your bag. maybe it's time to hit Asia again for those hard to find pieces....hehehe
  6. Wow! :nuts: Congrats on your new bag. I *love* the color and as usual it looks gorgeous on you! :heart:
  7. I'd really say japan.. sure it's expensive but you can really find it all!! HK is always running out and Singapore chanel's stocks are really just ridiculous.. Malaysia is overpriced for that kind of experience (hello rock and chain flap whose strap broke barely a month in!!).. I do really love the quality of service the Japanese deal out!! :smile:

    and omg.. if you guys are going Ginza area in Tokyo.. do drop by Gucci (it's just outside the train station).. I nearly had a heart attack seeing the SA there.. SO GORGEOUS.. omg.. hahhahaha.. like he walked off a catalogue.. ok I am pretty sure I have gushed about this before too :P
  8. Thanks!! I gotta admit that seeing your user icon all those times have made that kind of purple grow on me!! :smile:

    and I just love it, even thoh it really has nail marks now =(
  9. ^^ Aww :sad: It's still beautiful though. I'm so glad you were able to find the bag that you really wanted.
  10. congrats, very pretty color
  11. Wowwwwwwwwww, absolutely love the color :nuts:
    Congratulations, you must be so happy right now!!
  12. What an out and out gorgeous color -- so strikingly beautious. Enjoy it -- I know you are!! Congrats.
  13. kis, it's sooo pretty :drool:if i'm not a big bag girl, i would totally get this!
    congratulations :dothewave:


  14. kis, I love your new love too, congrats!!! It is TDF! Oh, I also like that Chanel shopping that camillia blossom!:heart:
  15. Super bag - what is not to love. I love it!!! Great find.:tup: