My newest loves....

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  1. I am both a QVC freak and a Dooney it's trouble for my bank account when the Q has a Dooney show! LOL. I ordered both colors of this bag (fuschia and light blue) thinking I could decide between them and send one back. Yeah right! Perfect size handbag. And the blue is a nice bright blue, not light. Both are staying with me :yahoo:.

    I returned the denim sac I'd bought last month--I wanted a bag that size for so long, then I got it and it was just TOO huge. Awkward even. I was dissapointed. But these 2 beauties make up for it!

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  2. Omg Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!

    i LOVEEEEEEE your collection! everything matches! WONDERFUL additions!

  3. Pretty!!!

    Love those bags. They are so beautiful!

    Is it cloth or coated canvas?
  4. It's the coated canvas........I love that material! Stands up to anything.
  5. Cute bags. I love to watch the Dooney show as well. Love all the extras you have.
  6. Very Cute Congratulations.
  7. Cute bags! I love the fuchsia!
  8. Great collection! Lots of lovely colors.
  9. very nice
  10. Great Colors!!! Suiper nice...............for sure!:tup:
  11. Great collection!Congrats!
  12. I love the matching accessories! Too cute!
  13. I love the blue one i would love to own one.
  14. adorable- congrats.