My newest lovelies

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  1. So I got my first Coach bag for Christmas (Chelsea Optic Sig Flap in black) and now I went out and got myself these. For refrence, I'm 5'3" and 125 lbs.

    I think I'm now banned for awhile by my hubby. ;)

    Bleecker Large Flap in Ink
    Bleecker Wristlet in Wine
    Bleecker Skinny Mini in Wine

    I had to take the modeling pics with my arm stuck out to the side pushing the button so they're not the greatest, then all my babies together.
    IMG_2284-copy-copy-copy.jpg IMG_2285-copy-copy.jpg IMG_2274-copy.jpg
  2. I love your new goodies!!! It looks great on you!
  3. Great haul, lucky you! :biggrin:

  4. The Bleeker large flap is the best bag! I have one in signature and just love it. The Ink is my absolutely favorite bleeker leather colour, it is so gorgeous. Congrats!
  5. Congrats, that's a nice looking bag.
  6. Very nice, congratulations! She looks great on you!
  7. Nice haul!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Nice! Congrats!
  9. Very nice purchases, the Bleecker looks great on you! Enjoy!
  10. Lovely congrats!
  11. Congrats! The ink is such a beautiful color & the bag looks great on you :tup:
  12. That Bleecker looks great on you... :tup: I love that color! :yes:

  13. Love the bleecker on you!
  14. Great buys...enjoy them all!!!
  15. OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!