My newest little gem!

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  1. I have been trying to be good and not go to the outlet, but I just couldn't resist to go and spend my christmas money.. I only had about $100 to spend so when I saw this little beauty I just couldn't pass it up for $94.99!

    Introducing my little Amanda Satin Mini Satchel in Magenta! :yahoo:



    I loved it so much I changed into it right away and I actually fit everything from my large bleecker duffle into this little bag.. guess I just use the big bags for show :rolleyes:

    Don't let the size deceive you, the Amanda satchel fits a lot! I had...

    madison small wallet
    Legacy mini skinny
    iphone car charger
    big bottle of meds (not in the pic)
    BBW hand sanitizer
    travel wet wipes
    small notebook
    keys (not in pic)

    I could have fit more in there too.

    I love it, it's so cute!
  2. Wow, your outlet got the satchels in?! :faint::nuts: That is so awesome! It's so beautiful and holds a lot!!! Congrats, enjoy your new beauty!!!
  3. Well that packs quite a bit in there than one would think.
    For the price it is a great little bag.

    I am hoping the magenta Sabrinas find there way to the outlet.
    If they do I might have to get one even though I think it would be too small of a bag for me....

    Good grab Tara!
    Did you get any of the accessorys to go with her?
  4. ^^ thank you! They had all the colors and all the accessories too. I was really said I couldn't get any of the wristlets.. they had the jewelry pouches too.
  5. OMGoodness. For that price I can't believe it. What a gorgeous bag. Glad such a nice person found it. It is so pretty.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous, Tara! Congrats :woohoo:
  7. Wow that was a good price. It's cute and it seems to hold quite a bit. Lucky girl! :smile:
  8. that's awesome tara! :tup: it's such a cute little gem indeed!
  9. I'm calling my outlet in the morning!!! This is my namesake bag...if I can get her for that price, she's as good as mine!!! I wonder what color I should get?
    I'd love to have the magenta like yours...looks so fun! Maybe if they have purple...I need something purple!

    Enjoy! ITA, it seems like the madison pieces ALL hold much more than they look like they would! This may actually be a smaller bag I could deal with! Perfect for nights out on the town!!!
  10. Oh my God. That color is gorgeous. Have you seen a lot of that bag at the outlet?
  11. For that price, how could you resist? Congrats!
  12. Man, Taralindsey, you're making me kick myself for putting that one back the other day!!! I had it in my hands and said "eh, its kinda small" so I bought the teal cosmetics case, grass and magenta mini skinny....but now, Im thinking I may have to go back today!! YOU ENABLER!! lol;):P
  13. :heart: WOW- what a great price!!!! Its gorgeous...enjoy!!!
  14. That's wonderful TaraLindsey. This little beauty just looks so small but it holds so much. Unless you have things in super minature size, it looks like you can hold alot in that little satchel. For under $100, that's amazing.

    It reminds me of Hermoine's little beaded purse (if you've read the whole Harry Potter series) that can store a giant tent, a couple of spell books and all the necessary food and equipment to keep Harry, Ron, and Hermoine safe from the evil Voldemort. I'd love to have one of Hermoine's purses for sure.
  15. i have the mini satchel in teal, i love it. i want it in every color.. they're so vibrant! my BF is going to be a little peeved if he finds out they're at the outlets now for a cheaper price [he bought mine for me for xmas]. :X

    and it does fit a lot for such a small bag! i want the satin capacity wristlet, mainly to use as a makeup bag. the current one i'm using is a little too big for the satchel.