My newest Kooba - Natasha

  1. I absolutely love the color - plum and the way the bag converts on the side. Ahhhh, gotta love a good sale at Saks :tup:

  2. Oh, Wow! Nice going, DC Cutie!!
  3. Hey DC, is that the color Ink? It is beautiful and I hope it is because I have a Parker coming in that color. How much did you get it for???
  4. mmm that's gorgeous! kind of a blueberry color to it.

    if you have time, would you take a pic of the inside? I'm just curious about the size of it.
  5. That is a beautiful color. Congrats!
  6. Lexie, be sure to post pics when you get it! I've been thinking of getting a Parker in Ink. I just love that color!

    DC-Cutie - congrats on the bag! I love the color!
  7. I am digging that color!
  8. I Know I know...I am too. It has me really excited about getting mine. Only a few pics has showed it as blue as this, and this is what I really like. Most almost seem so dark they look black. This blue will fit right into my new "colorful" bag collection.
  9. I love that ink color!!!
  10. wow, Yummy!!! congrats!
  11. Wow, look at that blue, I'd like to see more Koobas in that, congrats DC-Cutie!:smile:
  12. i am curious how it converts! :smile:
  13. Gorgeous DC! I love the color too! I am confused though... I thought all Natasha's were patent leather. The leather on yours looks like normal soft Kooba leather (which I like much better!). ???
  14. The Natashas and Parkers come in both Patents and Plain leather. The Ink I am getting is plain leather. The Caramel patents sure are beautiful but I think the shine would wear on me after awhile.
  15. omg!! that's such a beautiful bag.. oh god, it's making my choices soo much harder now. I love the colour!! Wow, is it a deep blue then? it looks a bit deep purple on my screen.. either way, it's really amazing. Congrats!