My newest Inclusion bracelet! *PICS*

  1. I bought the Berry Inclusion PM bracelet last week but didn't have time to post my pics. I know the bracelet came out a few months ago, but I didn't really like the color at that time. But, now it's grown on me, so I bought it for my collection of bracelets. Here are my pics and I've also posting more pics in the Inclusion Club.





  2. Love your inclusion collection. Elle you've got some competition.:graucho:
  3. congrats! it looks fabulous on you!
  4. So pretty, I love Inclusions!! Congrats!!
  5. WOW! gorgeous :drool:
  6.'ve got a nice stack there! I love your black one!
  7. Looks cute!!! Congrats. ;)
  8. yay! The pink and red dont look too similar like I thought they might. Still jealous of your black one...
  9. so pretty!
  10. All your inclusions are gorgoeus! Congrats on the new one!
  11. congrats! it looks so cute! love your collection!
  12. :yahoo: congrats!!! :heart: your inclusion bracelet collection!
  13. congrats:yahoo: so cute
  14. Nice inclusion collection! The berry is my fav color
  15. Gorgeous, congrats!