My Newest IF Bag

  1. Wow, I love IF bags more and more. I am sorta obsessed with the flashback style with the Marblelized gold sheen so my next one is going to be an Embellished Nikki. But this is the newest. An Elaina Studded Tote. It is a huge bag ( I think I could easily carry an 8 lb newborn in it) ;) , and quite heavy but just gorgeous. What a rush to open the package and have that deluge of leather smell. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but I just wanted to show you all. I always like looking at everyone's newest aquisitions, especially if I'm between mine.
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  2. Pretty bag! Love the color. Congrats!
  3. Great bag!
  4. This is the next one I have just ordered. I know I am a sucker for brown leather but I never get tired of it. This one is smaller and less bulky, and a little more decorative. It's the "wildest" I will go on an IF bag. Some of the crazy colors and styles (especially the Summer of Love collection) is just Too Much for me. Crazy thing is my husband loves my IF bags but this newest Nikki I haven't gotten yet, he is less enamored with. I guess the beading makes it too girly for him...LOL

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  5. I have an IF bag from last season, canvas flowered with leather trim, really funky. I got more compliments on that than anything. Someone even stopped me in an elevator once. I did get tired of it though after I carried it for about 9 months straight.
  6. That is really nice!
  7. I have to admit I love the detail stitching on this bag. How could I have not noticed it before?? And the braided zipper pull is darling! Does the inside have a lot of pockets??
  8. Lovely bags! Congrats!
  9. Love it !

  10. So pretty. Really wish i could afford an IF bag at this time
  11. i love it! congrats!! the color looks yum:flowers:
  12. There is an outter zipped pocket that is large, 2 side draw pockets large enough to hold keys, cell phones, etc. Inside is one large Zipped pocket and 3 of those open multi function pockets. Plenty enough for me.
  13. That bag is stunning! Congrats. I love IF bags. :P
  14. I like IF bags too. I just bought an Audra and I am thinking about pre-ordering one of the bags pictured.
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  15. What a pretty bag! LOVE the color!