My newest handmade necklace...

  1. So, last October, I took up jewelry making as a diversion to help me quit smoking. (I just passed my 90-day mark, without a cigarette! :yahoo:)
    I took a couple of classes to help with techniques, and have spent a small fortune on Czech glass beads, Swarovski crystals, and the like. (But all my friends got really cool Christmas presents this year!)

    Here's my latest project - it's about 90% complete. I wanted to do an Asian-inspired charm necklace, and the centerpiece is an antique skeleton key that - believe it or not - I actually found laying in the road while jogging in my neighborhood.

    The other components, in no particular order, include a stamped brass disk I bought at a thrift shop, a couple of jade Buddha beads, blue-green milk glass flowers, a crystal drop from a salvaged chandelier, Swarovski crystal cubes and briolettes, and Miyuki Delica beads in shades of blues and browns.

    Tell me what you think! :yes: (And by the way, excuse the crappy quality of the image. I had to use my camera phone, because I still don't own a digital camera yet!)

  2. I really like the color combination you used. Very soothing. Just be careful - once you start you'll get hooked! =D
  3. It's very beautiful :yes: you should be proud of yourself!
  4. Congrats on your 90 day mark!! Beautiful necklace!
  5. Lovely necklace! I love the colors and thoughfulness of each piece you chose to include. Congrats!
  6. Great colors and very unique! Congrats on quitting smoking. I know how hard it is to do. I've been through it myself. Keep up the good work.
  7. Wow, I love how intricate your necklace is... look at those seed beads!
  8. very cool! I'd love to see it on your wrist!
  9. Lovely necklace!
  10. I like it!