My newest H from Vegas

  1. Bit is what I picked up while in Vegas 12/26-12/29. Not much. I was tempted by a lovely etoupe bifold wallet...and also that sweet stuffed H horse...totally ridiculous at $325 though...and that was for the small version. Anyway, it was hard to pick out of all the scarves.
    scarf.JPG scarf2.JPG holder.JPG
  2. ooooo pretty!! I wish I had seen that when I was there!
  3. Your scarf is gorgeous and that scarf ring is pretty as well are you dreaming of ways of using it??
    I love Hermie too (I told DH if were ever have kids I'm demanding a large Hermie NQA) he is sooooo cute!
  4. gorgy scarf and ring!
  5. Beautiful Scarf! I wish Singapore had winter.
  6. Such Beautiful Choices!!!!!!
  7. Great choice! I think you will find many ways to wear your new scarf with that beautiful cosmo scarf ring.
  8. GORGEOUS scarf!!!!! I love the colors.....wonderful choice!!!
  9. Gorgeous buys! Enjoy!
  10. Ooo I like this colourway. Congrats!
  11. Beautiful purchaces! The color is so tender. Congratulations :smile:
  12. Love it! I haven't seen many colorways in this scarf. This one is gorgeous!
  13. I love the scarf. Gorgeous colors. What is the border color?

  14. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to finally have a scarf ring...and to be able to try more of the styles from the Hermes scarf tying booklet.

    The border is a dark (slightly more brown) etoupe like the bag color. I was initially looking for scarves to tie onto my etoupe bag. The border is probably the most "bold" part of the scarf. The other colors are fairly muted which is a big contrast to my other scarves--dark reds, bright blues.
  15. This is such a terrific scarf ring, sayitagain! Wonderful choice and lovely scarf. Congrats!