My newest Gucci reveal

  1. Congratulations to you :biggrin: Love the red!
  2. Thanks. I saw it when I was in Dusseldorf in November and loved it at first sight but I had earlier bought another bag so I had to wait until now.
  3. Thanks Erin and Cari. My first red one, and it was a red that I really love.
  4. Thanks. We call it Florens here.:biggrin:
  5. Some more detailed pics.
    DSC01411 (500x359).jpg DSC01417 (259x500).jpg DSC01414 (500x400).jpg DSC01413 (500x391).jpg
  6. Holy molly, the 2nd red gucci ive seen today. Gorgeous!
  7. Stunning...
  8. Gorgeous!!
  9. what a great pop of color! congrats!
  10. Congrats!

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  11. Love the color! It's beautiful - CONGRATS!
  12. Thank you all.
  13. looovee it so sweet :heart:
  14. Congrats! Very nice!
  15. Lovely bag! I like the Gucci G's and placement of the handles. Congrats to you.