My newest Gucci (love/hate)

  1. Here is my newest Gucci. The things I love about it is: How big and slouchy it is. I love the leather. I love the color. I just love the bag over all.

    What I don't like about it is: It is not the most comfortable bag to carry. In my opinion there is a HUGE design flaw. The shoulder strap is rolled. Which makes it a little uncomfortable to carry but what makes it even more uncomfortable is the seam is on the inside and right at the end of the seam on each end it has a sharp point that digs into your shoulder. I tried the purse on in the store a few times before I bought it and I did not notice it since I was wearing a thicker shirt. Today I was wearing a tank top and it was boarder line painful. They really needed to make it a flat strap and also make it adjustable. Then the bag would have been perfect.

    I would return it BUT.... I have already exchanged 2 bags before this so I think this bag is mine forever. Here is what happened to make me exchange bags so many times. I bought the Brown Guccissima Princy Hobo and then my mother for Christmas bought me the same bag so I took mine back but since it was just over the 2 weeks refund time, I exchanged it for the White Guccissima Boston bag. Which I really loved but after about only 4 uses I was not happy with the way it was looking. The best way to describe it is like a tennis shoe once it gets worn it gets wrinkles and starts to look dirty and no matter what you do it still looks dirty. So they let me exchange it once again and I love the look of this bag so I picked this one. So this is why I can't exchange it again.

    Sorry for rambling. Here the photos



  2. I love the corners! Monograms always seem overdone to me but I like it as corner accents. Great bag!
  3. you got it!!! congrats, love the monogram on the corners, very pretty. It looks soft..
    I know it would look bad if you returned it, is this an SA you're familiar with or do you not go to the store often? Is there anywhere else you can return it or just that store?
  4. I Love It!!
  5. Looks like a great every day bag that you will get tons of use out of :tup: The GG on the corners make it super special :yes: Good choice :tup:
  6. wow that really sucks that a bag this amazing is uncomfortable to wear. However, if I were you, I would just wear thicker shirts and keep this gem:smile:
  7. I love your new bag!!! Congratulations :drool:! The leather looks so soft and the monogram on the corners looks very classy!!!
  8. I love itt!
  9. its so cute!!! are u sure u cant just adjust the part with pointy parts? the line...i have a gucci suade bag that has it and i just adjust it (physically just move it a bit) and its SO comfy!

    TRY IT! but whatever, fashion is pain right ;) hehehe jk
  10. i love that bag, i think it looks really nice...too bad it's not the most comfortable, but hey, it's worth the pain, right? ;)
  11. i really like this bag. i wear a suit every day so maybe it won't dig in my shoulder as much. i'm gonna check it out
  12. Beljwl, this is a fall/winter bag and you should wear heavy clothing with it! :graucho:
  13. Gorgeous bag! This one is definitely a keeper.

    I'm sort of new to this designer bag thing so I can't help asking: The store will accept an exchange after the bag has been used 4 times? I just want to know for my own shopping reference!
  14. Most of the time no once a bag has been used they will not take it back. What happened is I took it into the store (not the one I bought it at. They were closed on the 4th of july) and they said that since the bag had been used that they could not exchange it. The leather on the top of the bag was a little discolored and just did not hold up very well after 4 uses. I was told "since it is white leather and I used it as a shoulder bag (which is what it is designed for) that is what caused the leather to start to change". Also bow was about to fall off. So they would only send it into repair. So when repair got it they saw what I was talking about and then they called the store I bought it store I originally bought it at agreed to exchange it for me.

    My first exchange was unused.
  15. I love it. Congratulations.