My newest goodies

  1. Introducing my newest goodies, Foresta Ciao Ciao and Citta Luna.
    Toki Foresta and Citta.jpg Toki bags.jpg
  2. congrats on a great deal!! especially the foresta!! :biggrin:
  3. nice!!!

    I think it's f'in hilarious how she referred to foresta as the one w/vegetables on it.... hahahaha..... :roflmfao:
  4. i know i cracked up when i read thinking she thought the apples were tomatoes? LOL:roflmfao:
  5. Thanks! I thought the story was too long so I took it out but yup.
  6. Disney4us.. Love the Luna Citta & ciao2 Foresta ! Congrats !
  7. Thanks! I wanted Mozarella on the Citta and Sandy on the swing on Foresta and got it. Waiting to see what gets sent is the hardest part.
  8. Great bags! I have a Foresta Ciao Ciao too and it is one of my favorite bags. I just HAD to have that entire print, it is too cute.
  9. Lambfashionista, I'd probably being going through your bags all day looking through the prints. Love your collection.
  10. She called the Foresta the "really cute laptop bag with vegetables on it." And I just knew it was a Citta rather than Inferno even though she insisted there were devils on it.
  11. congrats on your newest additons, I love 'em!
  12. nice additions, congratz!;)
  13. foresta is so cute! I have the paradiso stellina also!:smile:
  14. Thanks! :smile:
  15. So jealous!!! Congrats!!!:yes: