My newest goodies from LV...

  1. Well, I had purchased a regular batignolles a couple of weeks ago...but I ended up not loving it, so I returned it.

    I got the following goodies instead......................a new Azur Saleya PM and a Framboise cles :yahoo: I just LOVE them!!! I think they'll be great for spring and summer:heart:

    Here are some pics!!!!
    LV April 2007 Azur.JPG LV April 2007 cles.JPG LV April 2007 New.JPG LV April 2007 wearing azur.JPG LV April 2007 wearing azur2.JPG
  2. very nice!
  3. Beautiful! I love the framboise with the azur.....hmmmm
    Do accessories count on bans?
  4. oh i love it alot, im so jealous.. :love: :love:

    congrats on ur new bag, its stunning
  5. lovely items!
  6. Great choices. Both very pretty.
  7. gorgeous & they look perfect together!!
  8. it looks great on you!! congrats!! :yahoo:
  9. congrats!! it looks great on u
  10. congrats on the Seleya and the cles. they look so good together.... perfect for summer. yay!
  11. Cute Saleya...
  12. congrats!!
  13. i love the saleya! such a great size! and isnt the framboise such a pretty colour! Congrats! xx
  14. Those are beautiful!! Love the Saleya! Congrats!
  15. very cute! i love your goodies. congrats!