My newest enamel bracelet

  1. Hi! This is my first posting in the Hermes forum! I would like to share pics of my Hermes enamel bracelets:

    H bracelet - (b-day gift)
    Elephant bracelet - (annivesary gift)
    White / orange/black/grey letters - (gift to myself!!)





  2. Lovely collection peace43, thank you for posting and Welcome!!!:yes:
  3. I love the elephant one! Nice collection
  4. Congratulations! Elephants are a sign of good luck in some cultures, so wear it in health.
  5. Welcome!

    Is that H bracelet brushed? Palladium or ruthenium? REALLY nice!
  6. Gorgeous bracelets!!! Love the elephant one especially!
  7. peace43, beautiful collection! Do you wear them together?
  8. Thx, No, just for the pic. I don't want them to bang against each other.
  9. Oh, I love them!!! I don't have an enamel bracelet yet but hope to have one (or two) this year. Congratulations!!!
  10. Beautiful, peace43! They look fantastic on you. All are great, but I love the elephants, especially.
  11. Congrats and welcome to the H side! The bracelets are one of my favorite H items!!
  12. Thx! Yes, it's brushed metal and is not shiny at all? Is that considered Palladium? (Actually, I don't know what ruthenium is....can you tell me?) The black enamel is also not shiny like it is on the regular H bracelets that have shiny metal/shiny enamel. And, the "H" itself is straight up and down unlike the other "H's" that flare out on the top & bottom of the "H". I didn't notice this until I looked at the other bracelets on the Hermes websit recently. I got the bracelet at the Rodeo Dr. store about two years ago. It might be considered a men's version.... I think.... I really like it!!

    But, I also like the turquoise/silver colored H bracelet that is currently on the website under the blue section. I asked about it yesterday at the Rodeo Dr. store but they didn't have it.
  13. Your bracelets are lovely, peace43! I wear mine stacked all the time so if you like the look - go for it! Ruthenium looks like a dark gunmetal silver. Much, much darker than palladium (which just looks like silver). Your bracelet could be brushed palladium if the color is lighter than ruthenium.
  14. Thanks! So, I guess my H bracelet is the brushed palladium because it definately looks like silver and not a dark gunmetal silver.

    I don't like my bracelets to get scratched even though they get scratched anyways when i accidently bang my wrist against a door or other stuff. It's so annoying because I try to be careful but it happens anyways!!! Oh well...
  15. beautiful!!! love them all1