My newest Coach buys!

  1. After much nail-biting and worrying that the post office screwed up, my 6"x8" Leather Turnlock Agenda in punch FINALLY arrived!

    My pretty new planner

    Inside the planner

    I could not love the gorgeous pink leather more! It's the perfect size for all that I have to keep track of--personal things, client meetings and deliverables, lists, hours, etc. I LOVE IT!!
  2. I also received my Legacy stripe heart keyfob. I saw this on a few people's bags and keys on here and fell in love!

    Here it is on my planner:


    Closer up (no flash)

    And the this!
  3. Congrats on the PUNCH planner!!! And the keyfob! Both are gorgeous!
  4. I also got me Coach Grace sunglasses in Burgundy last they are in their awesome case (so much smaller than my other one!!)

    And me modeling them!!

    Thanks for all the support in waiting for my new acquisitions. The wait for the planner was killing me this morning!! :smile: I'm really enjoying everything.
  5. Congrats! Love the planner.
  6. Love the punch & keyfob, both so pretty!

    And those glasses look like they were made for you - congrats :tup:
  7. I could not agree more!!!:yes:
  8. Oooooooh, very nice!! They had these and the smaller ones at my outlet and it's a really pretty color!! I wanted one so bad but I know I wouldn't keep up with it...
  9. I love it all and the glasses look great on you.
  10. I love the planner! I have a pink leather Coach planner but I am SO jealous of the Punch with the turnlock!!!
  11. Congrats on the cute planner and keyfob! Punch is such a pretty color! The shades look super cute on you too!
  12. great purchases! love the punch
  13. you lucky gal,congra'ts.
  14. I love all of your new items! You look so adorable with your new sunglasses! Congrats
  15. LOVELY buys!! Those sunglasses look fantastic on you!!