My Newest (Coach) Addition

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  1. I got this little beauty for an amazing deal on Bonanzle! I am so happy! It's a blue Soho Mini Signature Wristlet (I think that's what it's called anyway). I am such a sucker for anything blue, and for wristlets, so it was meant to be! :love: It was previously used, but I can't see any sign of wear and tear at all. It's almost perfect! I believe the seller was a TPF member so if you're reading this, a HUGE thank you! I've been having a rough few weeks and this made my totally made my day today.

  2. It's cute and looks like the perfect size
  3. It is a good size, I would say about 8"x4" or so. I'm happy that it has an extra pocket. All of my other wristlets only have one main compartment.
  4. really cute. I love wristlets especially large ones.
  5. Cute :smile:
  6. Thanks! I know it's not exciting as a new bag reveal (especially of a new style lol) but I'm always excited to share my finds with people who "understand" Coach!

  7. Don't worry, OP, I'm relatively new to Coach, so everything is pretty "new" to me, even the older styles.

    I love the size of your wristlet with the extra compartment, I wish they would make more of them that way.

    Thanks for posting.
  8. Super cute! I love the Soho collection!
  9. What a cute wristlet!!! Congrats!!
  10. Love it!!! I like the bigger size wristlets too. Nice that it has an extra compartment! Will look so cute with jeans and sweaters :smile:
  11. Thank you! I think I was extra excited because I spent well under $20 for it (including shipping). I couldn't believe what a deal it was! I kept thinking something had to be wrong with it but there isn't.

    Mariquel I've only been into Coach since this past April so, yes, the older styles are "new" to me too, which is why I post everything!