My newest chloe - what do you think???

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  1. This bag arrived to me and I had to get it authenticated for my own peace of mind... Seller had not posted enough pictures for absolute certainty... All is well and thumbs up from Lescoy...

    I love the look of it - but the leather just seems a bit stiff and dry on the handles...

    There haven't been many saskia owners posting their picks in the reference thread, but to anyone who currently or has owned a saskia I would be very interested as to whether the handles softened up.

    I love the betty style for it's easy to carry over the shoulder wide handles, but the handles of the bag don't have that nice leather feel. The body of the bag is nice, and I think it will be a really practical a classic looking bag to carry...


  2. I'm not crazy about it but I don't hate it either! I do love the colour!
  3. Is that a saskia tote?? :faint: I didn't know these existed! Ah, it's gorgeous!!! :drool:

    I want one, it's the best looking saskia I've seen! (Since bag*mad*bags one is a sashia of course :P)

    Oh, you're so lucky! Congrats! :tup:

    Now I have a saskia on my wishlist....
  4. I loooove it!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: It's very pretty. Congrats. I have a Saskia. The leather may not be soft as a Paddy but doesn't it have pretty shine? I love that. My saskia has the lucite handles, so I don't know about the handle soften up.
  5. this is similar to my little sashia/ saskia bag but the leather on mine is buttery soft!
    there was a dark brown one on ebay recently that i thought abot as it looked so nice!
    it a practical very light bag!
  6. Love it, Im a little biased I just bought the brown version!!:heart:
  7. It does look classic, i suppose it comes down to how happy you are with it? What colour is it?
  8. Very nice -- I like it!!
  9. i like it! i love the saskia style.
  10. I quite like it... I mean, i would get it if i had spare cash, but it wouldnt be essential... it rounds up your Chloe collection, though... YOu just need a Heli and a Paraty now!
  11. Cute tote! Simple and clean.
  12. Very nice simple and classic :tup:.
  13. Love it :tup:!
    Very chic and classic, the colour is awesome.
    Is it a weight bag :confused1:?
  14. Love the fun detail of the little zipper on just one of the front pockets.
  15. I like it :tup: