My Newest Chloe - Maybe

  1. I've gone overboard with all the sales and already returned a Moka Bay bag and picked up this Beata patent bag from Bergdorf's - it was 40% - no sales tax. Unfortunately Bergdorf's forgot to take off the security tag and didn't give me a dust bag. They told me to bring it to my nearest Neiman's and they should be able to help me.

    I know everyone is on the fence on this bag - should I keep her? I'm not used to having a long strap anymore but I love the chocolate suede strap and the patent is gorgeous.




  2. I like it....but I like your Jimmy Choo more!
  3. BTW, they have other style beatas at 1/2 off at Chloe boutiques!
  4. I just saw those photos of the Beata. This bag is gorgeous but I don't think she's made for me. Why do these sales have to hit right during christmas shopping!?
  5. Starbuxxx...

    Keep the's hip & the patent is TDF!!!
  6. So this is the bag that you have been talking about.. it looks like it's a classy bag with that umph/personality to it. i like it too!
  7. I like it... it definitely stands out and thats what we want our bags to do! I say keep it.
  8. Leather is TDF. But the Beata is not really "shouting out" to me.
  9. I like it--in fact, this bag is really, really growing on me. I've been looking at the red satchel style, just don't need another red or patent bag, and I really do like the look of your bag....hmmmm
  10. I actually have this bag in the Russet color and loved it so much, purchased it from Bloomingdales on sale in the black/brown combination. At first I wasn't sure about it, but 1/2 my closet is black or brown, and/or black/brown together in a jacket/shirt, etc. It looks great, and is chic, classy, hip & multipurpose. It is absolutely staying in my closet!!!
  11. keep! keep!
  12. I agree, I think you should keep it. I love the patent leather and the detail on it, its beautiful!:tup: