My newest Beauty!! Come give her a whistle!

  1. [​IMG]

    Isnt she hot and purty? :whistle: Im so in love with the camel color!:tender: Majority of my Coachs are black!!

    Thanks for the look :cutesy:
  2. Congrats, very pretty. I like that color.
  3. I really like the lacing on the wristlet!
  4. ditto! Love the color too!
  5. I love leather bags!! Great Pick.
  6. its lovely! What bag is that?

  7. It is a leather East West duffle #10559

    The wristlet Duffle Lace #40255
  8. Very pretty! I love the color too and I adore the wristlet!
  9. :whistle: lol.
  10. Sexy girl!! Love the color!
  11. :yes: Very Nice!! Enjoy!

  12. Hot and purty indeed!!!:yes:
  13. Good for you!! I think camel actually goes very well WITH black, it's such a perfect color for so many things. Enjoy and Congrats!
  14. Love that wristlet! Congrats on your new finds!
  15. Congrats!