My newest bag wasn't Balenciaga....but

  1. It was a steal!!!!!:graucho: :yes:
    Thanks to all of the girls who helped me authenticate this morning!!
    I don't own a Chloe, so this will be my first!
    It's an 05' Craie Paddy!
    I just have to clean the finger smudge out of the "Chloe" on the padlock and she's perfect!!

    This is when being frugal and patient pays off!
    Calcaire first replaced!!
  2. Oh! I love it! Where did you get it!
  3. Wow it's gorgeous, I want a chloe too!! How much of a steal was it lol?
  4. nice bag!!
  5. are u sure thats authentic?
  6. Great find Winona :biggrin:

    You will love it - they get better with use too...that paddy looks to be in perfect condition...enjoy it. :flowers:
  7. 5 girls from the Chloe board looked at it for me this morning and gave me the thumbs up. :yes:
    Plus the seller was really stellar and I totally trust her.
    She's also got a great Balenciaga up right now.
  8. just making sure :biggrin:

  9. Thanks!!!:biggrin:
  10. wow! thats a great bag! very beautiful! congrats!
  11. :biggrin: In March I missed an Auth. Grenat with a BIN of 650 by seconds. This makes up for it, it's the color I wanted and it was 750. She REALLY wanted to buy a new bag today!!:lol:
  12. Wow that's an amazing deal!!:nuts: Congrats!
  13. :shame: thank you ^^ I promise, no whining here for a few weeks...:lol: