My newest baby

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  1. photo removed as we do not permit photos of fakes.
    If you can prove to me otherwise, we'll be happy to let you repost.
  2. She is beautiful. Congrats!
  3. Lovely!
  4. Beautiful, congrats!
  5. She is too cute!!! Congrats
  6. yay! cambon looks great.
  7. Beautiful... and great color combo!!!
  8. Enjoy...such a cute bag.
  9. Cute cute cute!!
  10. Congratulations. Is this color combo still available in stores?
  11. congratz!!
  12. color combo is great...congratz:smile:
  13. congrats on the new bag. she's beautiful.
  14. congrats! lovely bag!
  15. Hi there! Congrats on your new bag.
    Could you tell me where you found it?
    Also, it looks different from the ones that I've seen, please post another photo of the bottom:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.