My newest baby! Kind of unexpected...

  1. Last night I went to LV (again, what else is new?) with my cousin and boyfriend and picked out a bag to replace my monogram shawl. I wanted something that wasn't too expensive, waterproof, and large enough to hold my usual purse stuff plus mitts and scarf in the winter or a light jacket in the summer. I knew a small purse wouldn't do so this is my biggest LV yet...


    I guess I could've gotten a BH instead but I wanted something that wasn't classic monogram (mainly because I don't want the vachetta to turn colour here because I would be using this new bag almost every day from now on in HK) and since I already have a regular Batignolles already I decided against it. I consider the PH but changed my mind since that has vachetta also (although I will get that later on this year, most likely)

    I had $3,000 HKD credit note from my mono shawl and had to pay another $2,300 HKD to buy this bag. I didn't want to carry around so much cash so my cousin paid for it using her Visa and I'd paid her back at home.


    We had a tough time picking one of these...with the mini lin, ALL the bags that were presented to us had little fibre clumps on the surface and some already had little fuzzies sticking out. So there were 4 of these sitting in front of us, and the two of us were closely examining all 4 of them to make sure there's nothing serious. In the end, I picked one with a small amount of clumps and a short little fuzzy which I ended up pulling it off later on.

    So without further adieu...I introduce to you my new Mini Lin Speedy 30! :yahoo:


    Most of you probably know I'm not really into Speedys but I must say that I'm quite fond of the mini lin one. And the 30 is a tad too big for me but I'll be able to stuff my winter accessories inside and some magazines too. I'm not too fond of the sag, either, but once I get home to Canada I'm going to buy a Purseket. Right now I'm just using two pieces of cardboard on the bottom to prevent sagging.

    When we got home I also found out that my aunt & uncle were going to pay for that $2,300 HKD extra :yahoo: During shopping I also bought a very nice denim skirt, and that plus this $2,300 HKD will be my birthday present from my aunt, uncle, and cousin. :yahoo:
    mini-Image036.jpg mini-Image037.jpg mini-Image033.jpg
  2. Very nice!! I say you can never go wrong with a speedy....but that's also coming from someone with 12!!!! ;P

    Congrats and enjoy!
  3. awwh very nice mini lin! i was thinking about getting a mini lin something -- the speedy is a bit too big for me. and the dune color is so pretty too. i dunno what i want ;) but yours is so pretty!
  4. Hi.. Congrats. :yahoo: :wlae:
  5. YAY!!!!! :wlae:
  6. congrats Karman!!!!! love it!!
  7. LoVe it!
  8. wow karman,its gorgeous, congrats!:heart:
  9. omg, Karman! Your aunt, uncle, and cousin are very sweet to do this for your birthday! Enjoy and have fun while still in HK!

  10. Love it! thanks for the great pics
  11. Karman it is gorgeous!!!! Congrats
  12. By the way, does anyone have problems with their mini lin linen pulling? I'm having this fear that one little fibre will pull and run all AROUND the bag :wtf:
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Congrats - I'm gonna be springing for the Mini Lin in Ebene around sept.

    I've got the Minlin in Dune, and I haven't had any probs with the lining. *shrug* Maybe you should have it looked at, and maybe they can patch it/replace it?
  15. YAY!!! Mini lin!!!!! :yahoo: