my Newest b-Baby..

  1. I loved it the moment nicole richie tote hers...
    so i couldn't resist it eventhough it's kinda small for me...
    big hugs to my newest baby pleasee...:love:
    do show her some love...^^
    first white B 001.jpg first white B 002.jpg
  2. Congratulations, sooo cute! Perfect for summer...
  3. I love anything in white!!! It's one of my favorite color!! Congrats!!:nuts:
  4. Congrats! Very pretty!!
  5. I love the white First too! Congrats and have fun with it.
  6. Congrats she is adorable!!
  7. :love: ooohhh wowwwww congrats!!!!:nuts:
  8. Ohhhh I want that one for the same reason ;)
    I love it!!!
  9. Lovely b-bag! I love the white! Congrats!
  10. Congrats! White bags this year is very very popular....
  11. Congratulations! Your b-baby is beautiful! :love:
  12. I love it too!!
  13. Very cute, congrats !
  14. Beautiful! congrats.
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats!!!
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