my newest and possibly last bag- well maybe ;)

  1. i am so in love with this bag i cannot believe it. i didn't even think it was possible to find but my SA angel located it for me. I bought the red diamond shine really wishing for it in black but i thought it was an impossible dream. but now here it is and i just have to share.

    i bought so many bags in the past month i really can't buy any more even though i would really love a navy bag. that's the last color i need for my collection....

    what's so great about the diamond shine is that it's basically patent caviar and not as shiny or easy to smudge as true patent. :love::love: can you tell i am obsessed with this bag? lol.

    thanks for letting me share!
    IMG_4671.JPG IMG_4673.JPG IMG_4676.JPG
  2. Hot!!!
  3. WOW!!!!:drool::love: simply stunning H, congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  4. love this bag, truly gorgeous!!
  5. Wow...SUCH a hot bag!!!!!!!! Congrats on being able to locate one!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. Wow such a gorgeous bag!!! I'm glad you like the diamondshine hlfinn... I have the same exact one and absolutely adore it. It is one of the most underrated lignes that Chanel has and not many people know about this ligne! Congrats!
  7. Dam I Love This !!!
    I Can Not Squeeze Another Bag In Budget Until The Year 2050 !!!!
    Congrats And Lucky You She Found It For You
  8. That leather is just amazing! Congratulations.
  9. Stunning. Congrats
  10. :drool: That is gorgeous!!! Lucky girl!
  11. OMG, so beautiful! :heart:
  12. Gorgeous!!!
  13. OMG I love it...congratssss...:yahoo:

    i want one....:heart::tup:

    may i ask how much is it?
  14. its gorgeous!
  15. woooow, it is beautiful!