My newest and final addition... for a while anyway!

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  1. Here she is, choc Phoebe! :yahoo:

    Despite my initial upset over the scratches and ink stains on the interior, which I have decided to ignore and forget about, I am totally in love with this bag. I love my oak Phoebe but this style in yummy scrumptious chocolate is just amazing!

    As for the scratches and scuffs, these pretty much disappeared after a generous application of Clark's Premium Leather Cream. Hurray!

    A black Phoebe in my collection would be Mulberry Heaven. If any of you ever see one please PM me!

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  2. :tup:
  3. That is a very scrumptious looking bag, glad you decided to keep it :love: wow, the leather looks really lovely and shiny
  4. :drool::sweatdrop::faint:
  5. Lovely Phoebe...congrats!

    Now how many colours were ever made for Phoebe? You can start building up your collection like Croxley! :graucho:
  6. Beautiful, well done KLP! Can't wait for my Olive Phoebe to arrive :nuts:, and I shall invest in some Clarks cream, thanks for the tip.
  7. She is beautiful
  8. Wow, gorgeous...good find!! Will keep my eye out for a Black Phoebe for you!
  9. Phoebe suits you so well .
  10. Congrats KLP, you'd better keep that bag under wraps, don't let Jo see it!
  11. Thanks girls for the lovely comments.

    SHM - the leather is a very deep bitter chocolate colour and isn't that shiny, the flash made it look that way.

    ratrat - :lol: If money were no obstacle I'd have as many bags as Croxley. I know the Phoebe was made in oak, choc, black, olive and lavender as well as some outlet specials like pheebs has - coconut and purple. I definitely want a black one but not overly fussed about the coloured ones.

    charliefarlie - the Clark's cream works a treat, I've now used it on most of my bags and the difference it makes is amazing! Can't wait to see your olive Phoebe!

    Jo - you know you want one! :graucho:;)

    michmix - I'd be so grateful for your help in finding me a black Phoebe! TIA!!

    SJ - too bad, Jo's already seen it! Thank goodness I don't live anywhere near her or she'd be stalking me already!
  12. shes lovely xxx
  13. Wow, she really is beautiful - you see now why Chocolate is my favourite! I know I've said I don't need anymore Chocolate bags - but I DO!!!! That is so beautiful!

    I'm going back on what I said before Jo - I think you should get one!!!! (sorry, enabling I know!)
  14. Absolutely! Chocolate is Mini's favourite too, where is she?!

    Ali, it's totally fine to enable others in my threads - and I agree, Jo should definitely get one!
  15. ohhhhhhhhhh shes lovely!!