My newest additions!

  1. Thought I'd share the latest additions to my collection. The change purse and keyfob were from the outlet the last time I went (it was hard, but I controlled myself and only bought accesories!), the rabbit hobo was a gift from my parents (the best kind of bag - the unexpected one!) - my mother saw it at her TJ Maxx and convinced my father to get it for me!:yahoo:
    rabbit hobo.JPG

    What a truly wonderful gift and you are sooooooo right - the best kind is the unexpected, just because gift!!! What lovely parents :heart:

    I love that little coin purse - is that what it is? Or is it more like a wristlet size?? And I have loved that flower key fob since the first day I saw it......I have refrained from adding one to my collection of key fobs, because I told myself I needed to hold off for awhile. After all, I have 23 of them :rolleyes:

    But I might have to buy a few new ones has been too long since I have bought anything Coach :yes:

    Congratulations on your new additions - GOOD ONES!!!
  3. Thanks corundogs! To answer your question, it is a coin purse, but it actually fits quite a bit (and the little dogleash chain lets me clip the keyfob to it!). Thanks again for the nice comments!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!
  5. I really like that black hobo, I think those bags are beautiful! Congrats!
  6. I love all of them!

    That little change purse is the cutest thing! Man, I wish I were closer to an outlet :sad:
  7. i want that change purse. it's so adorable.

    (my niece, who's 6, just walked in and said she wanted it, too. she wants a "big girl" purse- which is what she's calling the change purse. hehe. how cute. her aunt katherine may have to spoil her sometime)
  8. I saw the rabbit bag at TJMaxx but I already have one each color in another style so I passed on it.
  9. Aww.. hey, we have the same ski hobo ! I was actually just looking at it because my mom asked me to pull it out ! Congrats - it's lovely !
  10. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the nice comments!

    Abandonedimages - watch what you wish for! Just a few months ago, I was unaware I had an outlet just an hour away. Sicne I found out, I've been out there like 3 times and I'm putting major mileage on my car and I'm having to exercise incredible amounts of restraint every time I come on the site and hear about some great deal someone here just scored at the outlets (the discussions this past week on cheap scarf print almost did me in - thankfully, I'm realistic enough abot myself to know I'd stain one of those in about 3 minutes of owning it!).

    Anyway, I'll stop babbling, but thanks again! I must say, I've lurked on many boards, but this is the first one I've felt comfortable really contributing to - you guys ROCK!
  11. Congrats! Everything is gorgeous. I've been meaning to check my TJ Maxx to see if we have any of those.
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