MY NEWEST ADDITIONS!!! & more h.g. pics

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  1. i recently did a poll about what bags i have that i should keep and to get. i listed a few i was eying... i had whiskey gigi and a medium purple garnet. so i decided i also just got a medium mahogny garnet so i kept it let the purple go. the gigi went as well,while i did love her i just didnt like the open top so replaced her as well. these are the bags that replaced whiskey gigi and purple garnet. tell me what you all think??? did i make a bad choice. i feel that i didnt. i LOVE all of my new babies!!!:smile:

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  2. more pics

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  3. WOWSA!! I don't think you made a bad choice......these are all BEAUTIFUL!!! :smile:
  4. thanks i love them i think i did pretty good. i know the other two were hard to come by bags but i think leigh in juniper and a lily xl at that brand new is to! the cobalt is n.w.t. and the walnut shoulder bag. the juniper wallet is n.w.t an outlet score from a few months ago ive been saving
  5. Do I spy a MIN PIN in your pic?!?!? :nuts:
  6. lol yes! louie hes my baby he just had surgery got hit by a car had to get front right leg amputated
  7. Well, I am so wanting a Gigi, so I would have kept it. BUT, if it was not the right bag for you, then of course, you did the right thing! Even though a bag is popular, it doesn't mean it's right for everyone. Everything you have there is STUNNING!!! So much beautiful Legacy...WOW and the Sabrina is beautiful! The Lily is my favorite! :heart: it!!! ENJOY!!!
  8. These are all great! Plus I love your Mini Pin...I really want to get one!
  9. yes gigi is gorgeous was a tough choice but lily is my h.g. and is just sooo pretty lol. min pin hmmmm well go for it but fair warning ALL are hyper till they croak lol. louie even 3 legged is crazy!
  10. Heidi your bags are beautiful, but may I ask what you didn't like about gigi? I love totes and heard this bag is really heavy? Anything else I should consider before deciding to purchase? TIA..
  11. Really beautiful! You made great choices!
  12. I am loving the finds Heidi!! I think you did good expecially if the gigi was not for you and replaced it with things you do love. :tup: Great job and enjoy your new goodies.
  13. I'd be glad to take that Juniper Leigh off you if you change your mind later on ;)
  14. Ah, poor guy...but you're an amazing owner...lots of folks would just put the dog down after something like that. Louie needs to meet my Minnie Mouse (a Min Pin extraordinaire!). And Heidi's right, folks, min pins are C..R..A..Z..Y!!!! Hyper doesn't even begin to describe it. They're super cute and cuddly, though, esp. when they want to burrow in blankets!

    I gotsta take me some Coach pics with the girl in 'em!
  15. im just not that big into totes its a great bag but i love satchels. i also didnt like the open top it wasnt that big of a problem i think it being a "tall" tote was what aggrivated me. gigi want really that heavy... though i am used to larger bags like lily,kira, alexa. if your hunting for a gigi and find one i say go for it.
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