My newest Additions-Hello Louboutin and Manolo

  1. Here are my newest additions!!

    I was dying for the CL Peep toe Suede...but I was lucky and found these! I know they are still last fall...but i love them even more. They are the Chiffon Peep Toe Pumps. I was so lucky! I went to CL store yesterdsay and someone had just happened to return them from the NYC store.

    The Manolos were a super deal on NM online. Python thongs, fro $250!

    I love them so much, can't wait to wear them.:heart:

  2. Omg I love that louboutin! Congrats.
  3. Beautiful! :love:
  4. So pretty. I luvvv the Manolossss!
  5. Some people are just born lucky, so sad... hehhe... congrats!!!!! SO PRETTY !!!!:love:
  6. Hehe....well it was my "third strike' and luckily I didn't end up out.:wlae:

    I had originally ordered the CL red peep toes in a 36, as I was told they ran big, They were waaaaayy too big. I was so sad, as I has stalked the NM and BG sites for months. And then I thought I was lucky and 4 weeks later I found the plain black peep toes in a 35.5---so I thought Woo hoo! I finally got them. When they arrived, they were too big.:crybaby:

    So this was my "third" time trying to get them.Yeah!!:yes:
  7. Shmoo88, I :heart::heart::heart: your CL Mouche pumps (the satin/tulle ones)! Love those to death! Did you get those from the CL Madison Ave. boutique (or the Horatio St. one)?

    I'm still so torn whenever I think about those shoes. I had fallen head over heels in love with them when I first saw those in the viewbook last year. I'm a CL addict but those were just breathtaking even within the CL realm! I wait-listed for the black & red immediately and my SA at CL Madison called me in December when they first arrived at the boutique -- the black, red, and light pink/beige one. I tried them on and they were so hard to walk in. Like every step -- inside the boutique -- the shoe would slip off. My SA even admitted that given the tulle/satin construction of the shoe, there's nearly no support around the heel part, and for them to be semi-walkable one must take them to a cobbler to insert a small heel grip (and not just any heel grip...most heel grips are too wide for that shoe and would portrude to show....has to be some type of specially-cut heel grip). Anyway at the time I had just spent a fortune on other shoes and was disheartened to drop another $850-$900 on a shoe that didn't fit properly. So I passed.....and I STILL think about them everyday. I saw a photo of Christina Aguilera wearing the red ones and they looked fine on her -- totally walkable at least from the photos. So my mission now is to make them work!....I pre-ordered a pair from Bergdorf's (that won't arrive till April or something like that, if they don't cancel the order due to "excess demand") and hope that fate reunites my Mouche and me.

    BTW did you find the Mouche hard to walk in at all? Or is it just me....?
  8. Omg! Love your purchases! Congrats!
  9. Love your purchases! I saw those CLs and really thought about them. They are really beautiful!
  10. Hi - I really enjoyed reading the comments you posted above, I have two pairs of CLs the first one has a strap around the ankle and fit great - I did have to order that in 3 sizes before I figured out the "right" size. Those are called Vanarita and are also a crepe satin.

    The second ones I also had to order in two sizes to figure out the right size . . . Josephine . . . my heel slips a little in the back as well but I found them on sale so it was pretty hard to return them. I was going to try a heel grip too - I usually don't like to "modify" shoes to fit - these aren't slipping too bad. I'm sure the celebs get some collagen to help with their shoe fittings lol :yes:
  11. They are a little hard to walk in, at times. They seem to fit better when the weather is hotter and my feet expand. I did buy some heel gel inserts that set inside the back of the heel that seem to work We'll see how it goes.

    But ya...I know how you feel. I was like, I always told myself I would never buy a hugely expensive pair of shoes unless they fit like a glove....but I couldn't pass them up. I fell in love when I saw them.:heart:
  12. I love your louboutin! So classic and pretty!
  13. love the Louboutins:love::love:
  14. Love the CL. You got a great deal on the Manolos. Congrats.
  15. Well done! And I am absolutely wild about those chiffon peep toe CL's!!