My newest additions: a first and something GSH!

  1. Well I've been lazy recently with my pictures so one of my recent additions was actually a Christmas pressie from DBF. Pink has never really been a favorite color of mine but when I saw the color in person it was :heart:. So I introduce my first first:p Ms. Magenta.

    And yesterday I went to Saks to pick-up my Electric Blue PT GSH! I must say that I originally wanted a city or first but the RH City was a big disappointing to me. The leather on them was really thin and just not appealing. Also they didn't have any EB firsts in yet. The leather on my PT is simply divine it is really soft and the color is very saturated. While the bag itself is quite stunning with GSH I'm not sure I can get used to such a bright color in a large size bag. I may end up exchanging it for a first if Saks gets any.

    Without further ado here are some pics.



  2. Some modeling pics



  3. Updated family pics with Turquoise GGH City & my broken in Anthracity... my absolute :heart:


  4. [​IMG]
    Love it! Very pretty, congrats!
  5. My other little splurge, it's not a Bbag but I know some of you ladies also indulge in a little LV.

  6. That Magenta really lights up your face. :tup:You look fab with that color. Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. oh how cute, what color vernis is that? its almost identical to the nail polish im wearing lol
  8. ITA!! Magenta is a wonderful color on you!!

    Congratulations on two beautiful bags!!
  9. jenny70 - Thanks!

    Nanaz - It's so true! Funny thing is I hardly wear anything in the pink family. The magenta is the perfect pop of color since I wear as lot of dark clothing.

    nawth21 - It's the new violet vernis. Such a pretty color and changes color depending on lighting (kinda like Amarante). I also have some OPI nailpolish that matches it too but I forgot the name.
  10. wow congratulations!!! both of the bags are amazing!!

    is it only me, or are the PT's bigger with GH than with RH?
  11. CoutureObsessed - Thanks hun!

    Leefi - I think they are supposed to be the same size but I haven't seen any RH Part-Time bags IRL so I'm not sure. :shrugs:
  12. Don't exchange the EB PT for a first. You wear it so well and the size and proportion looks perfect on you from the picture you posted. I think you can totally rock it and it's a nice pop of color.
  13. Congratsssss Blueeyez:drinkup:!! Fab collection:love:!!!
  14. great modeling pics! I love your magenta and your pt! The LV heart is really cute too ;)
  15. congrats on your new bags- esp. love the distressing on the back of ms magenta. And your anthracity really IS dreamy!!