My newest addition

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  1. I recently saw this bag online at Saks and just had to get it. It's the Burberry Madison Baby Bag. Although I'm not having a child any time soon, I thought this bag was perfect for a college student. I don't think it looks like your typical baby bag. What do you think? :biggrin:


  2. I wouldn't have guessed it'd be a baby bag! And for a student it's perfect for hauling all those books etc. around :yes: !
  3. Cute bag!
  4. Really cute!
  5. Ooh I like it! I need me one!
  6. Love it!
  7. Cool bag! Looks like it can hold a ton!
  8. Very cute!
  9. Nice bag and it looks great on you :tup:! Congratulations and enjoy!
  10. Thanks everyone for taking time out and viewing this :smile:
  11. Love it! :smile:
  12. So cute!
  13. True! It doesn't look like a baby bag at all!

  14. Nice bag it doesn't look like a baby bag at all... I was just wondering if there were alot of pockets on the inside of the bag? Hopefully you can let me know even though you've posted this awhile back :smile:
  15. cute...cute...cute...:woohoo::woohoo: