My newest addition

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  1. I just ordered this off ebay! Good to go with Cherry Sabrina? I just love all the colors...

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  2. the amanda satin is my favorite! congrats!
  3. Beautiful! I'm running back up to the outlet today to get another one of these because I love them so much! Congrats!
  4. Are the Legacy stripe wallet in outlets? how much? I have been pricing them all over ebay.
  5. I don't have an outlet close by so I bought one on the bay. I loved it so much that I just got another one last night. I surely did not get the great deal everyone else seems to be getting, but at least I am not paying retail. You will love this little bag!
  6. so cute! I love the color!!
  7. Yup I agree, I love the purple color. It will definitely stand out in your cherry sabrina!! Congrats!
  8. Love it & i want one too!
  9. Such a great color!!! Congrats!
  10. Very cute! I think it will look great with your bag :tup:
  11. Gulfport MS outlet has these today...I think they retailed at $88 and at the outlet today for $14.99!!! My sister is headed home now with 3 of them. 2 in pink and one in teal...and one of the pinks is for her sister...ME!!
    She also got the LG. Ergo Hobo in dark brown patent for $99.99!!!! Retailed at $478...she is just estatic!!
  12. I'm soo jealous! My nearest coach outlet is about 4 hours away :sad:. On the positive side, it's good for my wallet lol

    Congrats PonyGirl; that's one gorgeous color! :tup:
  13. Too Pretty I am so off this ban I am going to the outlet on sunday I keep seeing all the pretty things I have to go
  14. Whhooo that is cute!
  15. Congrats on those deals, I really need to head to the outlet.

    Congrats on your ebay buy! PONYGIRL